In this guide, I’m going to be covering the various general settings you can change for your WordPress website.


Here are the general settings in WordPress and a brief description of what they do.

Site Title

This is the title of your website, shown to search engines and shown in tab titles.


This is the tagline of your website, shown to search engines and shown in tab titles.

WordPress Address (URL)

this is the address you want people to type in to reach your WordPress website.

Site Address (URL)

This is the address where your WordPress files are located.

Administration Email Address

The email address that site notifications are sent to.


Whether or not visitors are able to register on your website.

New User Default Role

This is the role assigned to new users by default.

Site Language

This is the language of your website.


This is the timezone that times are displayed to you with.

Date Format

The format dates are displayed in.

Time Format

The format times are displayed in.

Week Starts On

The day WordPress considers the start of the week.

When you start a new WordPress website, it’s important to change the timezone to your timezone. I often miss this myself, but it’s quite an important setting.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what the various settings of WordPress are and you set your timezone, you’re set to start learning the basics of the editor.