How to Remove Android Apps

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Have you ever downloaded an app, just for it to be filled with ads or just not what you’re looking for? Learn how to remove Android apps with this guide.

Finding the App to Remove

In this example, I will be removing Google Earth (labeled “Earth”). Find the app you wish to remove and press and hold it. At least on Android 9, you should see the following button appear above the icon.

Moving the App Over the Uninstall Area

Once you see the button, you can drag your finger and move the app icon over the “Uninstall” area on the top.

Drop the Icon Over the Uninstall Area

Once the you’ve dragged the icon over the “Uninstall” area, you can release your tap. From there, the app will uninstall.

Accept the Prompt

Once you let go of the icon, you will be prompted to confirm the removal of the app. Accept the prompt, and let your device uninstall the app.

Wait for Confirmation

You will know if an app is uninstalled once you see a notice at the bottom of the screen.

Final Thoughts

Once you see confirmation that the app has been uninstalled, you’re good to go! This process goes for removing any app you wish. Some apps cannot be removed (at least via this method). Many apps that are “not removable” are usually installed by default by the device manufacturer.

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