How to Install Android Apps

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Perhaps you have an Android phone or tablet, but you want to add some functionality. In this guide, I will walk through installing apps on Android. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

First, let’s find the icon labeled, “Google Play” on the home screen. Next, tap the icon to open the Google Play app. We can download and install apps using Google Play.

Once loaded, type the name or type of app you’re looking for in the search bar at the top.

When you’re finished typing, you can press the return key on the on-screen keyboard to start the search.

When you find an app you wish to install, tap it. Then, press the green “Install” button.

After tapping “Install”, wait for the download to finish. You will know when the download and installation is done once you see your screen look like so:

At this point, you can either press the home button at the bottom of the screen, or press the physical home button on your device.

Then, you can swipe left or right on your home screen until you find the app you installed.

When you find the icon for the app, you can tap on it to open it.

Now you know how to install apps! Hopefully this guide has been helpful for you. If it has, consider sharing this article with your friends, or on your social media platform of choice.

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