In the game development world, sprites are the 2D images in your game. Since this is the case, being able to add sprites is a very important skill to know. To begin, I will assume you have a scene already setup. If you don’t, feel free to check out this guide of mine to get you up to speed. We will also need an image loaded. If you’re new to loading images, you can check out this tutorial to learn that.

In the create method of your scene, you can add a sprite to your game with the following syntax:

this.add.sprite(, , );

In the example above, the key is the image key you defined in the preload method. Feel free to write the following code and change the image key to the one you defined.

this.add.sprite(128, 128, "myimage");

If we run our game in the browser, we should see something like the following with the image of your choice.

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