Which Version of Windows Am I Using?

Chances are, at some point you have come across a situation where an application requires a certain version of Microsoft Windows. If that’s you, read on! In this guide, I will walkthrough how to check which version of Windows is installed on your computer.

Windows XP

The first telltale sign that you’re using Windows XP is if you see the wallpaper named, “Bliss.” It looks like this:

Also, if the bar at the bottom of the screen (taskbar) looks like the following, you are using Windows XP.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Windows Vista

This is the first version of Windows with a more modern style to it. The defining feature of the Windows Vista taskbar is the black background with the highlight on the top.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Windows 7

For both Windows 7 and Windows 10, they can both be easily identified by their taskbar. Trying to differentiate wallpapers may be confusing, and I think the best way is to look at the taskbar. If you see a taskbar that looks like the following, you are using Windows 7.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8 (the latest version being 8.1) makes departure from appearances of previous taskbars. First, the start button has a new, solid white logo. This is new since the logo with the classic Windows colors. Second, this taskbar no longer uses the Aero theme from Windows 7. Instead, it has a slightly translucent and doesn’t have a glassy appearance.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest edition of Microsoft Windows. The key difference here is the addition of the black background and the search bar. Unlike Windows Vista, the background of the Windows 10 taskbar is the lack of a highlight on the top of it. All of the colors for the Windows 10 taskbar are solid without shading. While the search bar can be toggled, you are probably using Windows 10 if you see the new start icon on the left side.

Used with permission from Microsoft.

Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has been useful for you. I think showing differentiations between the different taskbars is one of the best ways to identify the Microsoft Windows version you’re using. If this was valuable, and would like to receive news of our latest tutorials and courses, please fill out the form. If you are interested in receiving computer and phone tips, as well as our latest computer service offerings, feel free to fill out this form.

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