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Hello everyone! Lately I’ve been receiving a barrage of emails appearing to look relatively legitimate asking me to confirm payment info, update account information etc. Here’s a screenshot of one of them:

Now, on first guess you might think this is a legitimate Amazon email. The button color, font, and other styles match real emails from Amazon. You can usually find the URL where the button redirects you before clicking on the button. In this case, the URL was:

Obviously, just by hovering over the link and displaying the above URL, this is a scam. Also this website is shutdown, so you’re not at risk if you navigate to that URL. However, let’s dive deeper! If we take a look at the address this email was supposedly sent from, it claims to be sent from:

If you were to go in your browser, you will find that it brings you to the site of Advanced Computing and Information Systems Laboratory of the University of Florida. This sounded like the scammer (most likely a bot), spoofed the email (made it up the email address, it’s not an actual account.) I contacted the University of Florida and they confirmed that this is the case.

Another thing that sticks out to me with quite a few of these emails is the sender’s name. Do you see anything interesting with the sender name on this email?

The “a” between the “m” and “z” is using a different character set. My guess is it was probably typed by a keyboard produced for a region in the Middle East.

These are just a few of the red flags that you may find when encountering the fake Amazon emails. Whatever you do, do not fill out any form from these scam links. Most of these scams either want your Amazon credentials or credit card details. Hopefully this article is helpful for providing you tips on what to look for when you encounter these types of emails. As usual with all of these scams floating around, it’s important to stay vigilant.


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