Domain Name Scams

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Blog | 1 comment

A couple months ago I received a spam email claiming there’s another “company” who wishes to claim my yorkcs brand name and some domain names. Here’s the first email:

At this point, I actually thought they might try to take the,, etc. domain names. I followed up with the following email:

The next morning, I received this response:

As soon as I saw the links, I knew it was a scam. The links point to their own “hosting provider” which supposedly sells domain names for a magnitude higher than any other hosting provider. So then I followed up with the another reply:

The next day I received another email, unfortunately I cannot find it at this point. The email was essentially a variant of the first email I was sent, but much firmer stating that the “company” in question is going to move forward on taking the domain names.

The last response I sent contained the following profound question:

“Do you like pancakes or waffles?”

As you would expect, (unfortunately?) there was no response.

I checked later in May, and no one has yet claimed these domain names. I’m sure there would be quite a few legitimate companies who would fall for this scam and buy these domains through the scam “host.” If you own or manage website(s), stay vigilant and avoid falling for these domain name scams.

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